2022 Annual Report


Building promising pathways for Boston’s next generation leaders

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Our shared vision is an inclusive, equitable Boston where every young person and family has the opportunity and resources to succeed. 

To pursue this vision, we offer free, high-quality summer camp and year-round programs, nurturing deep relationships and empowering a thriving community of future leaders and their families.

Letter from Leadership

Dear friends,

We are happy to share with you the CHV Annual Report for 2022.  We hope that this will provide you with a snapshot of the work we have the privilege of leading to build community with young people and their families as they embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles on the path to economic stability and mobility.

That pathway comprises summer camp for middle-schoolers, educational and emotional support for teens at our Leadership Academy and partnership with families around financial well-being.  Our focus on these three areas has been informed by listening to our community of young people and the adults in their lives and sharpened by organizational introspection and assessment over the last year.

Work is also underway to sustain the future of our programs and honor the implicit promise that we’ve made to the families of Boston; the promise to be there for the next generation of youth, and the ones after that.  We’ve undertaken a campaign to endow CHV’s work, and you’ll hear more about the Forever Fund in the weeks and months to come. For now, please accept our gratitude for making our first 16 years as successful and impactful as they’ve been, and please enjoy this look into all the facets of CHV.

Sharon McNally


Lisa Fortenberry

At the core of CHV’s mission is a belief in a better tomorrow. Together we are working toward a more equitable future for Boston that elevates the voices and perspectives of the young people and families we have the privilege to serve.
Jack Connors, Jr. Co-founder & Chairman


Summer Camp

One-of-a-kind free day camp experience for Boston kids in the Harbor Islands.

1 of 5 summer camps nationally to receive the ACA’s Eleanor P. Eells Award for Program Excellence.

CHV offers a kid-centered camp experience focused on fun and new experiences in a safe, supportive community. In 2022, 966 campers in grades 6-9 and 97 Leaders in Training in grades 10-12 experienced CHV’s island oasis.

Leadership Academy

Year-round program equipping teens with skills to succeed and lead in high school and beyond.

91% of participants say they’ve learned new and useful skills at CHV.

Through the 9th grade RISE and 10-12th grade Leader in Training programs, CHV partners with young people to strengthen social and emotional wellness, explore college and career pathways, and develop action plans for post-secondary success.

Family Partnership

Holistic investment in families to promote access, opportunity, and economic mobility.

100% of parents describe themselves as less stressed because of additional funds offered by guaranteed income pilot.

Direct cash transfers, post-secondary scholarship, community resource coordination, and a family flex fund are all part of the wrap-around approach to augment economic stability, mobility, and financial independence for Boston families.

Spotlight Stories of CHV


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Shane Tran, Leader in Training

Shane joined the CHV community when he was 11 years old. Now 18, he’s approaching graduation at Boston Latin Academy and his final semester of the three-year Leader in Training program. Reflecting on his CHV experience, he said, “To me it is about relationships – the friendships I’ve made and the community we’ve built together.”

Navigating his teenage years in the pandemic brought challenges and new opportunities. “Covid definitely led me back into my shell,” Shane said. “But back in-person I’ve pushed myself to use my voice, getting involved in discussions, volunteering for the Youth Council, and even leading younger campers in chants this past summer. I realized, as I did so, it became easier. Like muscle memory, public speaking skills take practice.” From his middle school days as a camper to high school years in the Leadership Academy, he’s grown naturally. To sum up he said, “My CHV experience has allowed me to blossom into the person I am today.” Next fall, Shane is planning to start college to pursue studies in physical therapy, but first he hopes to be on the island as a staff member this summer!

It’s been a journey. I am grateful for the opportunities at CHV that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am more confident, more outgoing, and more engaged with my peers.

Treon Washington, Alum & Scholarship Recipient

Treon started at CHV back in 2013 when he was in 7th grade. “As a shy kid from Dorchester, I wasn’t sure initially but, year after year, I built friendships that kept me coming back.” Today, as he prepares to graduate from college, Treon remains a part of the CHV community. “I learned in my time at CHV to trust my gut and use my voice. It’s a place that helped me gain both the experience and the confidence to survive in the real world,” he said.

As a first-generation college student, financing his education was a real factor when it came to choosing a school. “UMass Amherst had the excellent academic reputation I was seeking,” he said, “coupled with in-state tuition cost, it was the smartest decision I’ve ever made.” This spring Treon will receive his bachelor’s degree in economics and plans to pursue a master’s in accounting or finance in a few years. He says, “CHV helped me build my confidence; now that it’s a part of me, the sky’s the limit.”

CHV offered me a scholarship to pursue my education and a summer job in operations, granting me both funding and experiences to further my career growth.

Tierra Lyons, Parent

Introduced to the CHV community through her son’s camp experience, Tierra describes it as a game changer for him and their family. “From holiday gifts for my kids to mental health supports and parent workshops, CHV wrapped their arms around us in so many different ways. It started at camp but we really found community here.”

Fast forward seven years and she’s participating in what she calls a “culminating experience” with CHV – the two-year Guaranteed Income pilot program that launched in Fall 2021. With an additional $583 each month in unrestricted cash, she’s less stressed and more present for her kids. “I can put all of my time, my energy, my resources into supporting my family because I know that I’m supported as a parent,” Tierra said. And as a member of the Parent Advisory Board, Tierra’s also actively involved in shaping the future of CHV’s investment in Boston families.

I’d never experienced this level of radical generosity before CHV. I want to pay it forward in any way I can.

Kailla Rowell, LICSW, Wellness & Clinical Director

In collaboration with CHV’s three program areas, Kailla and her team of clinicians take a holistic approach. “To me, it’s crucial to meet each person where they are and to acknowledge the many stressors that may be contributing to one’s circumstances,” Kailla said, and CHV very much prioritizes that relationship-first ethos.

Born and raised in Roxbury, Kailla feels a unique kinship with the young people at CHV. “It is unlike anything I’ve experienced working as a clinician in other cities. Growing up in Boston as a person of color is my lived experience, and I know how important it is to feel there are actual spaces that reflect you,” she said. In the Leadership Academy, a clinician is paired with each grade-level cohort and, as Kailla explained, “what is unique about the curriculum is the connection we’re making between leadership and wellness. We’re focused on equipping teens with relevant skills – to process emotions, to communicate effectively, to make complex decisions – and, ultimately, to enter adulthood as well-rounded individuals.”

What I am able to offer at CHV is what I needed growing up. It’s important to me that young people and families have access to brave spaces and a community that cares deeply about them.

Big moments. Bigger impact.

Ready to Run this Town

This year, we launched a major brand campaign to introduce CHV to a new generation of Bostonians and raise awareness across Greater Boston about the impact CHV is having every single day. Centering CHV’s partnership with Boston teens and families, the campaign featured on billboards on the Southeast Expressway (I-93) and Mass Pike (I-90), at Boston’s Logan Airport, across other transportation hubs and shopping centers across the metro area along with digital media. Like the billboards say, young leaders are ready to run this town — and we’re ready to do everything we can to make that happen.

Camp Harbor View Beach Ball 2022 event room and decor, and an image of people running from the 2022 Road Race start line

Back & Better Than Ever

With the post-pandemic return of two marquee CHV events – the 2022 Beach Ball and the CHV Road Race – it was wonderful to bring long-time champions and new supporters of our mission together once more. The May gala, hosted for the first time at SOWA in the South End, showcased the stories of two CHV alumni, celebrating with an epic night of cocktails, dinner, and dancing. For the November road race, Charles Street and the Boston Common were packed for our 5K run through the streets of Back Bay and a post-race party with local food trucks. We can’t wait to bring together those committed to shaping a more equitable future for Boston as we look ahead to 2023!

image of group of Camp Harbor View 2022 graduates holding purple name t-shirts

Growing our Impact

As our network of alumni continues to grow and shape the future of Boston (and beyond), CHV is excited to launch an alumni program to strengthen our community and invest in our commitment to post-secondary success. While we navigate the early stages of this program, we know CHV alums are doing incredible work and we hope to be able to connect with as many former campers as possible. As we’ve heard time and time again, the relationships built at CHV can last a lifetime.

34 graduates in 2022 Leadership Academy class
$365,500 scholarship awarded to 51 alums pursuing post-secondary opportunities


Time, Talent, and Treasure

Boston is a city that shows up and we’re honored to be a part of the fabric of this city working toward equitable change and accessible opportunity. Your conviction in this mission and your generous support is deeply valued. Without our donors, partners, and leadership, Camp Harbor View would not be where it is today. Thank you!

Team CHV

Our dedicated year-round team are some of our greatest supporters and they’re constantly adapting, innovating, and making the mission stronger every day.

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